From where does all this food come?
This effort is much more than we could ever do alone. We depend on God to supply the need, and He has graciously given us favor in the eyes of the managers of a number of Grocery stores and other businesses. Most of the food we give out each week comes from your local grocery store!
Each weekday we drive our refrigerated food truck around to pick up the donations, bring them in and get them ready for distribution. On Thursday evening, a gaggle of volunteers from Calvary Free Lutheran Church and the surrounding community comes and helps us pack the boxes, and on Saturday morning they return to help us pass them out. We get a wide variety of foods from these businesses, including both fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, baked goods, and non-perishables like canned goods, cereals, pastas, rice and beans - even meat! The vast majority of all of this food is donated free of charge, and we are able to purchase other items either wholesale or through the United Food Bank.
We encourage you to support these stores, and when you’re there, thank them for their generosity!
Albertsons #948
441 N Val Vista Dr
Mesa AZ 85213

Fry’s #72
87 E Williams Field Rd
Gilbert AZ 85295

Sprouts #5
1933 E Brown Road
Mesa AZ 85203

Sprouts #10
5225 E Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85026

CVS Pharmacy #7837
2807 N Power Rd.
Mesa AZ 85215

Wal-Mart #5257
5122 E. University Dr.
Mesa AZ 85205

Wal-Mart #2767
4505 E McKellips Rd.
Mesa AZ 85215

Safeway  #1748
5137  E  Baseline  Rd
Gilbert,  Arizona  85234

Safeway  #1567  
2740  E.  University  Dr.
Mesa  AZ  85213

Safeway  #2676  
9101  E.  Baseline  Rd.
Mesa  AZ  85208

Orowheat Bakery
7205 E. Southern Avenue
Mesa AZ 85209

Bimbo Bakery
1223 S Clearview Ave
Mesa AZ 85209

And, of course, the United Food Bank, which has been very helpful to us. UFB serves the Food Pantries by coordinating donor stores with distribution points like ours. It also keeps us all informed of safe operation standards and food storage practices, and channels donations from the US Dept of Agriculture, etc.